What Should I Repair or Remodel Before Listing My House?

What Remodels Have the Highest ROIs for Home Sellers?

Make More Informed Decisions About Repairs & Remodels Before Listing a House

Selling a home usually doesn’t happen overnight or with the flip of a switch. The process takes time, and some of that time may need to go into preparing a house to list in the first place.

In fact, depending on the condition of the home and what sellers are trying to get out of it, there may be a few to several items that need to be repaired or remodeled before the “For Sale” sign goes up on the front lawn.

To help you figure out which home repairs and updates make the most sense for you, let’s take a closer look at:

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What Repairs & Remodels Have the Highest ROIs for Home Sellers in Texas?

Not all of the work done on a house that you’re listing will have the same return on investment (ROI). That’s because different types of home repairs and remodels can come with higher or lower ROIs — and those ROIs differ across different areas of Texas (and the U.S. too).

What to Remodel & Repair Before Selling a Home in Texas

Breaking down the costs and returns on these projects, real estate experts have crunched the numbers to determine which home repair and remodel projects generate the highest ROIs. According to the latest data from industry pros, the highest ROIs for home sellers tend to come from the projects featured in the table below.

Please note that all numbers below are averages, rounded to the nearest thousand or whole percentage to highlight the average project cost and the average ROI for that project once the home is sold.

Remodel ProjectHouston Costs
Cost | % Recouped
Austin Costs
Cost | % Recouped
U.S. Average
Fiberglass Grand Entrance  $11k | 91%$11k | 84%$11k | 50%
Garage Door Replacement $5k | 86%$4k | 91%$4k | 103%
Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel$27k | 81%$26k | 85%$27k | 86%
Midrange Bath Remodel$24k| 66%$24k| 63%$25k | 67%
Vinyl Window Replacement$20k | 61%$19k | 72%$20k | 69%
Wood Window Replacement$24k | 53%$23k | 64%$24k | 61%
Fiber-CementSiding Replacement$19k | 85%$18k | 122%$19k | 89%
Vinyl Siding Replacement$16k | 89%$16k | 92%$16k | 95%
Manufactured Stone Veneer$10k | 98%$10k | 109%$11k | 102%
Roofing Replacement with Asphalt Shingles$27k | 65%$30k | 65%$29k | 61%
Metal Roofing Replacement$44k | 47%$48k | 52%$47k | 49%
HVAC Conversion (Electrification)$18k | 107%$17k | 107%$17k | 104%

Remarkably, this breakdown of costs and ROIs reveals that:

  • Repairs and remodels focused on curb appeal usually have some of the highest ROIs.
  • Inside the house, kitchen upgrades and bathroom remodels tend to yield better ROIs.
  • While Austin edges out Houston for slightly higher ROIs on many home repair projects, the returns in Houston tend to be on par with or above national averages, meaning Texas homeowners may stand to gain more than average on these types of upgrades.

What Repairs & Remodels Have the Lowest ROIs for Home Sellers in Texas?

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, some home updates won’t typically generate higher ROIs. In fact, these remodeling projects usually have ROIs under 50%, with some as low as ~19%.

Remodel ProjectHouston Costs
 Cost | % Recouped
Austin Costs
Cost | % Recouped
National Averages
Cost | % Recouped
Midrange Bathroom Addition$56k | 30%$58k | 29%$57k | 30%
Upscale Bathroom Addition$102k | 27%$103k | 26%$105k | 27%
Upscale Bath Remodel$75k | 36%$74k | 35%$77k | 37%
Universal Bath Remodel$38k | 48%$37k | 43%$40k | 46%
Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel$79k | 38%$76k | 42%$78k | 42%
Upscale Major Kitchen Remodel$154.5k | 29%$148k | 30%$154k | 32%
Midrange Master Suite Addition$157k | 26%$160k | 27%$158k | 30%
Upscale Master Suite Addition$321k | 19%$323k | 21%$325.5k | 23%
Home Remodel ROIs for Sellers

Notably, the above data indicates that:

  • The highest-priced home remodel projects generally have low to mid-range ROIs.
  • Once home repair and remodel projects have costs that exceed ~$100k, the ROIs tend to top off to around 33%. As the price tag climbs from there, ROIs plummet even more.
  • Pouring more money into home upgrades does NOT necessarily mean homeowners can slap a higher listing price on their house. Making that mistake can mislead sellers into pricing their houses unreasonably high, which can turn off buyers out of the gate when the listing debuts.

Do I Really Have to Repair or Remodel Any Part of My House Before Listing It?

No, you don’t have to fix, repair, or remodel a home before putting it on the market, but that choice can come with consequences. That’s because houses listed without any repairs or upgrades may:

  • Take a hit on curb appeal: If the exterior of a house looks run down, fewer buyers may be interested in checking out the listing or coming to see the home in person.
  • Not command the highest possible asking prices: Sellers may have to reduce their asking price if they’re choosing to forgo certain repairs or upgrades before listing the home. For example, if the roof or siding needs to be replaced, sellers may need to knock thousands off their asking price to make the house more appealing to prospective buyers.
  • Sit on the market longer: Houses that need some work can take longer to unload than move-in-ready homes. And the longer that more rundown houses stay on the market, the greater the chances that the seller will need to drop the asking price (or rethink their stance on making some repairs).

Ultimately, the choice about whether and how to repair a house can depend on several factors, including:

  • The sellers’ situation and needs
  • The condition of the house
  • The target asking price
  • The area and buyers’ expectations

Whether you’re leaning towards making some repairs or skipping them before listing your house, it’s generally smart to get a second opinion, ideally from a Realtor® with experience selling homes in your area.

What’s the Best Way to Get Help Selling a House in Texas?

Deciding what to repair before you list a home is just one important decision to make as a home seller. After that, you’ll need to set the asking price, set up your listing, get ready to show your house, and prepare for offers. All of that and what comes next can be a lot easier to navigate with the help of an experienced Realtor® at New Home Gurus.

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How Much Cash Can You Get after Closing?

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