Insider's Guide to Buying a New Home in Upper Kirby

Insider’s Guide to Buying a New Home in the Upper Kirby Area of Houston


Offering some of Houston’s most historic and established residential communities, Upper Kirby is a popular area for homebuyers. It’s chic and trendy vibe, along with its affluence and unique dining and entertainment options, make it an ideal option for people shopping for homes in Houston.


If you’re looking for a home in Upper Kirby, this guide can help you get through the shopping and purchase process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Buying a New Home:  First Steps to Take


1.     Determine your budget – Can you afford to make a down payment? If so, how much? And how much can you comfortably afford to pay month to month in a mortgage payment? Having answers to these questions upfront is the smartest way to shop for a new home.

2.     Shop for lenders – Not all lenders offer the same rates or mortgage programs, so do some comparison shopping. Taking a little extra time to compare mortgage options can go a long way toward saving you lots of money down the line.

3.     Get a mortgage pre-approval – This will let you know exactly how much you can spend on a new home. It will also be helpful to closing on your dream home more quickly when you’re ready to move forward with a purchase.


Buying a New Home: What to Do When You’re Shopping


4.     Start online – There’s lots of online space dedicated to showing listings for homes in Upper Kirby. Filter the options by price and any other requirements you may have.

5.     When you visit homes, look at everything – From the closets and plumbing to the lighting, layout, windows, and more, check out as much as you can.

6.     Look at homes you like multiple times – You probably won’t see everything in your first visit. So, go back and see the house a couple more times after the first walkthrough. And consider bringing a friend or loved one with you to get a fresh perspective. The person you bring may see and consider things you haven’t.

7.     Ask questions – If there’s someone at the house when you visit it, try to find out as much as you can about the home, the seller, and the neighborhood. You could find out information that may help you make an offer later – or that may let you know that this house isn’t right for you.


Buying a New Home: What to Do After Finding Your Dream Home


8.     Partner with pros who can walk you through the process to closing – Once you find your dream home, the rest of the process can get tricky and complicated. By teaming up with pros, like the experienced Realtors® at New Home Gurus, you can get expert help navigating everything from offers and negotiations to the closing process. That can help you get into your dream home faster and with less stress!

9.     Make a thoughtful offer – Consider how motivated the seller is to get rid of the house, as well as whether you’ll be competing with other buyers. Also, think about whether you can add any creative elements to your offer, like splitting or covering the closing costs.

10.  Know your next move – Once you submit your offer, figure out if you’re willing to counteroffer or if you’ll walk away if you’re offer isn’t accepted. In other words, be prepared for the first offer to not be accepted by knowing what you’ll do if it isn’t.

11.  Get all of the terms of purchase in writing – Cover yourself and set the deal up for success with a written agreement that details all of the agreed upon terms of the purchase. This can save a lot of time, headaches, and frustrations later.

12.  Know what to expect at closing – When it’s time to close, you’ll need to get an appraisal and a home inspection. The closing process usually takes between 30 and 45 days, and closing costs will need to be paid by one or both parties, depending on the purchase agreement you’ve made with the seller.


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