How Social Media Can Help You Sell a Home

How Social Media Can Help You Sell a Home | New Home Gurus

Social media isn’t just a platform for connecting and finding the latest updates, checking out photos, or sharing posts with people you care about.

When you’re selling a house, social media can also be an incredibly powerful tool for getting your listing out in front of as many folks as possible. And if you do it right, you can leverage social media to quickly drum up interest in your listing and potentially get your home sold faster!

Here’s how.

Social Media Strategies for Home Sellers: Where to Post

These days, most savvy sellers will usually try to post house listings on popular real estate websites, like Zillow,, or even Trulia. While those can be great places to publish listings, posting on the following social media sites can amplify those listings, so they truly stand out:

  • Instagram: Showcase curb appeal and the home’s best features in professional photos that can speak for themselves. Since Instagram is so photo-driven, you’ll want to rely heavily on eye-catching images, rather than text-heavy posts.

  • YouTube: Upload video tours of the home, so folks can get a better idea of the layout, flow, and overall space. Like the photos you use to market your home, the tour videos should be professional quality, so the house (and not the poor quality of the video) is what stands out.

  • Facebook: Pair images and videos with more text for your Facebook posts. In fact, this is where you can add more written content about the home and its features, as Facebook users tend to read written posts that are paired with appealing images.

This is a great starting point for promoting home listings online. Depending on where you live and who may be in the market for your home, it could also pay off to market your listing on other platforms too, like Twitter or TikTok.

Social Media Strategies for Home Sellers: What to Post

When you’re promoting a house for sale on social media, how you craft your posts matters. After all, the images and messaging you use can make all the difference in whether someone stops to check out your post or not.

So, to help you get more out of social media when it’s time to sell a house, you’re generally going to want to feature factors like (but not limited to) the following in the content of your posts:

  • Visuals of the home’s exterior and interior, including landscaping, parking areas, and key rooms in the house
  • Details about square footage, how old the house is, and any recent home improvements, upgrades, or renovations that have been completed
  • Facts about the area, like local schools, nearby freeways, and the neighborhood in general

Also, as you craft social media posts for house listings, keep in mind that:

  • You should always review and edit your posts before putting them live. You wouldn’t want a glaring typo or some eyesore in a photo to sabotage your post or listing.

  • You can test out different images and language as you continue to post about a house for sale after initially announcing it.

  • Many social media networks let you see the engagement metrics. That can help you dial in the content of your posts, so you’re sharing images and text that’s most compelling and relevant to your audience.

Social Media Strategies for Home Sellers: When to Post

Ideally, you want to announce the listing for the house you’re selling as soon as you put the home on the market. There are a few key reasons for this:

  1. You want your home to debut strong, hitting the market with as much interest as possible.

  2. The longer homes sit on the market, the more buyers tend to assume there’s something wrong with the house or its asking price.

So, it’s usually best to launch social media marketing for the sale early on — and to keep this strategy going, with routine social media posts, in the days and weeks after the house hits the market.

Also, as you think about when to schedule these posts, it can be crucial to:

  • Time your posts to go live in the later afternoon or later in the week when more folks may be picking through listings and figuring out which open houses they want to visit on the weekend.

  • Try out different times for posts to see what days and times of the day seem to generate the most views, comments, shares, and other engagement.

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