4 Best Places to Buy a Home in Texas in 2020

4 Best Places to Buy a Home in Texas in 2020 | New Home Gurus

Shopping for a Home in Texas? Check Out These Top-Rated Local Housing Markets  

When you’re buying a home, you’re not just purchasing a structure. You’re also investing in a local community—both now and for years to come. In fact, the average homebuyer in Texas stays in their home for at least 20 years. And, according to Redfin, that stay has doubled over the past decade.

What does that mean for current homebuyers in Texas?

It means a little research into local real estate markets in Texas can go a long way to choosing the best area to house hunt in.

Buying a Home in Texas: Top 4 Places for Homebuyers

To help you figure out the ideal community for your next house, here’s a look at the top four places to buy a home in Texas in 2020.

1. San Antonio

Although home sales in San Antonio have dropped slightly in 2020, they are still robust, with more San Antonio homes being purchased in 2020 (so far) than in Fort Worth or Dallas.

One reason for that may be the incredible value homebuyers are finding in San Antonio. In fact, the average median sale price for San Antonio homes is $240,000, and most houses in the area are purchased for about 1% under asking price.

2. Fort Worth

Fort Worth has grown in popularity with homebuyers in 2020, with a nearly 5% increase in local home sales this year (when compared to 2019). While average sale prices for Fort Worth homes have increased nearly 8% over the past year, they’re still relatively low when compared to other areas in Texas.

In fact, in 2020, the median sale price for Fort Worth homes is $250,000. That’s probably why homes for sale in Fort Worth, TX have the shortest time on the market—only 27 days on average!

3. Houston

Houston has a hot housing market, with home sales in the area remaining fairly steady in 2020, despite the pandemic. In fact, Houston home sales in 2020 have doubled the number of sales in other top real estate markets in Texas.

While the average median sale price for Houston homes is $255,000, the latest data shows that most houses in Greater Houston are selling for about 2% below asking price after about 30 days on the market.

4. Dallas

Dallas has been an anomaly in the Texas real estate market, seeing a 47% surge in home purchases through 2020 (when compared to 2019). While Dallas homes have been staying on the market about 10 days longer than houses in other areas, they still sell relatively quickly, with the average listed home in Dallas sitting on the market for about 40 days.

Similar to Houston, most Dallas homes are selling for about 2% below asking price. The median sale price for Dallas homes in 2020 is the highest out of the four areas listed above, averaging about $372,450.

Buying a Home in Texas: Beyond the Rankings

While “Best of” lists can be helpful when buyers need to compare real estate markets, there can be a lot more to consider when you’re in the market for a home. From local schools and daily commutes to local culture, neighborhoods, and more, the more you know about an area, the better choice you’ll be able to make when you’re shopping for a new home.

Of course, all of these considerations can be just the start of the homebuying process. Once you know where you want to buy—and even the home you want to purchase, there’s still the complicated process of making and closing the deal. The best way to simplify that process, avoid extra costs, and put money back in your pocket at closing is to work with the experienced Realtors® at New Home Gurus.

Shopping for a Home in Texas? We Can Help!

New Home Gurus makes it easy to buy your dream home in Texas! Our Realtors® can guide you through the process, helping you with offers, negotiations, and closing. And that’s not all—once you close on your new home, we’ll split our commission with you! Homebuyers who work with New Home Gurus can get back an average of $4,500 to $12,000 at closing.

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