Most Expensive Homes In Garden Oaks - Houston, TX

Garden Oaks is listed as one of the 10 Hottest Neighborhoods in Houston according to Houstonia Magazine, so it should be no surprise that the average home value in this neighborhood is $500,000.

Garden Oaks has been around since 1937, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s when younger families started making their way to Garden Oaks to be closer to the city without having to be in the middle of it.

Today, Garden Oaks has only become more desirable as more people have come in and renovated old homes. The cost per SQFT has skyrocketed since the 90’s priced from an average of $74.46/SQFT to $249.78/SQFT in 2017.

Located near the Houston Heights, Garden Oaks has trendy restaurants and bars on every corner. Want to go Downtown, to the Galleria, or Eado? No problem. Garden Oaks is located just outside of the 610 loop for easy access to all the hottest spots in Houston.

We’ve gathered a list of the most expensive homes in Garden Oaks to fawn over, because who doesn’t like to daydream?

1055 Gardenia Drive
Listing Price: $1,350,000

Courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors

This new construction home is listed at $1,350,000 with four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths.

This sleek build is equipped with a gas log fireplace, a two-car garage, wood flooring and beautiful white and black marble accents.

This home is straight out of a design magazine with the marble accents perfectly placed throughout the house.

1321 Sue Barnett
Listing Price: $1,299,900

Courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors

Contemporary living at its best at the price of $1,299,900. This modern luxury home is a three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath dream equipped with an elevator, top of the line refrigerator, driveway gate, and wrap around porch.

An open floor plan and large backyard make this an easy space for entertaining. With the driveway gate, you'll get more privacy than some of your neighbors. Finally we want to touch on these spectacular windows... they are everywhere throughout the house allowing for the most abundant natural light you could ask for.

1554 Sue Barnett
Listing Price: $1,299,000

Courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors

This new construction home is currently on the market for $1,299,000. The farmhouse style house built in 2017 is a four bedroom, four-and-a-half bath at 4,111 SQFT.

We see a lot of the white marble and grey and white finishes again in this build making the home trendy, yet classic.

Another thing we LOVE about this home is the built-in desks at the end of the stairway, allowing the kids a spacious area to complete their homework.

The outside of this home is quaint and homey, with the front porch, but the inside is chic with marble, wood flooring, and touches of gold accents.

813 W. 31st Street
Listing Price: $1,279,000

Courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors

Talk about tons of space! All of that space comes with a price and for this home that price is $1,279,000.

A distinction from this house and the other two is the backyard pool. In Houston it not only gets hot, but it gets hot AND humid. If you don’t have a pool to jump into you might just lose your sanity. This pool includes a spa and ‘Endless Pools Swim Machine’ great for exercising or fun with the kids!

On top of all of those unique features, this house also includes a home theater included with $40,000 of high-end visual entertainment equipment.

Garden Oaks is a great neighborhood for anyone looking suburban feel in the big city.

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