Buying a New Home in 2018 Is Easier Today Than Ever Before

Thanks to these online resources...

Gone are the days of needing a Realtor® to view houses that are currently on the market. In the past few years, several companies have hit the internet making it possible for anyone to browse and view homes for sale at your fingertips. No Realtor® needed!

It’s become much easier to find a home with online resources but the commissions Realtors® charge has not changed. The commission used to be well deserved for all of the hard work and time in driving around clients touring homes one by one. Realtors® essentially had to guess based on your wishes what you would like to see hoping you’d fall in love with one of the homes they showed you.

With these new online resources, Realtors® don’t have to do as much searching, showing and guessing. It’s a lot easier now. Most people already have a few houses in mind which they selected from the internet and are narrowing them down before contacting a Realtor®. This is why when you use New Home Gurus as your agent, you can get half the commission - if you do half the work!

To make buying with New Home Gurus easier, our Gurus have shared a few of their favorite sites to make it easy for you to pick your house to start the process.

If you’re currently on the search for a new home you’ll want to bookmark these!

Our Houston Gurus like because you can easily search new construction homes while getting all the information you need in one place. They not only have a database of thousands of properties listed but they also provide you with all the information you need when looking for a home. gives you information on the neighborhood, school district, property taxes, as well as tax history.

New Home Source differs from in that it is dedicated to new construction homes with all information provided directly from the builders. You can search by location or community and you’ll get a list of the homes in that area/community with new construction homes already built and new construction homes ready to build.

#3 Zillow

Zillow is the leading real-estate and rental marketplace online to date. Zillow also has a very user-friendly app to browse homes anywhere! The best feature on Zillow is the ability to draw around an area on a map that you want to view houses in instead of typing in a zip code, etc. This allows you to get a more customized search.

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