Houston Named One of the Most Affordable Places to Live & Work In 2019


Houston Named One of the Most Affordable Places to Live & Work In 2019


Whether you’re considering a career change or it’s time to relocate entirely, where you choose to move can make a big difference in how much you earn, how much you pay to live, and how much you have left over in disposable income. Looking to find the most affordable places to live and work across the U.S. in 2019, researchers focused on various regions across the U.S., comparing the average salaries earned versus the average rent costs (for 2-bedroom apartments).


According to their findings:


·       Houston ranks 24th across the nation when it comes to affordable cities to live and work in 2019. In fact, the study found that, on the average Houstonians, earn roughly $79,600 per year and pay about $1,400 for rent. That leaves them with an average of about 79 percent of their income after covering rent.

·       Five cities in Texas were featured in the top 25 rankings. This was more than any other state, making Texas the top state in the nation when it comes to offering affordable choices for making a living.


Other Texas Cities Ranked Among the Top 25 Most Affordable Places to Live & Work in 2019


The following table shows the four other cities that made the top 25 rankings in this affordability and economic study.


Texas City


Average Income*

Average Rent*

Percentage of Income Left after Rent

Fort Worth





College Station












$82, 610



*Rounded to the nearest tenth


The findings of this study reveal that, while many Texas cities are dynamic, thriving cities to live and work in, they are also extremely affordable – and that can mean more disposable income, a better quality of life, and more savings for a rainy day! 


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