Buying Your New Dream Home In Houston? 3 Things You MUST Research Before Writing an Offer

You need to do your homework before buying that new home you’re considering. There are plenty of reasons you should buy a new construction home as opposed to buying an existing home. This article will prevent turning your new dream home into a nightmare.

What research should you be doing before drafting an offer on a new home?  Surveys say the most important considerations besides price and location are these 3 Things You MUST Research Before Buying A New Home.

#1 Schools

Moving places you and your family into a school district, and you want to be sure the schools meet your expectations. Checkout to research how school districts rank against each other.

 #2 Neighborhood

Research the neighborhood. Are you a runner? Maybe you like to ride your bicycle around. Are there sidewalks to walk your dog? These are all things that people sometimes don’t think of because they are more focused on the house itself. Make sure there are plenty of activities/amenities that suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

#3 Reputation of the builder

There are excellent home builders, and slimey home builders, and you don’t want to get stuck with the latter. Make sure your new construction home builder has a solid reputation in the neighborhood.

Drive through the neighborhoods in the evening and chat with neighbors who are outside. Ask them what it was like working with the home builder. Find out if they stand behind their warranty and communicate well.

You can also research them on the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List for free.

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