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Work with the Real Estate Company that Splits the Buyer’s Commission with You

When it’s time to buy a home, working with real estate companies is an inherent part of the process. While you can’t choose the real estate company that lists your dream home, you can choose the company who you want to work with as you navigate the process.


Of course, you’ll want to go with a credentialed, trusted company backed by experience. You should also look for a company that offers you distinct benefits.


For Texas homebuyers who are interested in buying a new home, the single best choice in real estate companies is New Home Gurus. We empower homebuyers to find the home of their dreams, we support them throughout the process, and we split the buyer’s commission with them at closing.


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How to Get HALF of the Buyer’s Commission at Closing: Working with New Home Gurus


Years ago, the home buying process took a lot of legwork when it came to searching for homes to look at and make offers on. This is where real estate agents could be a big help, finding and screening options for homebuyers, helping them make offers, and more.


Since the rise of the internet and real estate listing websites, homebuyers have been able to take full control over their search for new homes, doing things like:


·       Accessing MLS listings that were once only available to Realtors®

·       Taking virtual tours to see more of the home so they can make an informed decision regarding whether to visit and look at it in person

·       Doing the legwork that a traditional real estate agent used to do.


In other words, today, many homebuyers are already doing some of a real estate agent’s job simply by researching home options online.


For these homebuyers who are in the market for a new home in Texas, New Home Gurus is the ideal real estate company. That’s because New Home Gurus is a different type of real estate company – one that fills in the missing pieces, once you’ve found your dream home. We do this by handling every aspect of your new home purchase, from drafting an offer through closing. This includes (and is not limited to):


·       Helping schedule home showings

·       Assisting with offers and negotiations

·       Referring you to the trusted professionals you will need, like home inspectors, mortgage lenders and/or others.


Now, get this…


When you choose New Home Gurus as your agent and you close on your new home,
we will split the buyer’s commission 50-50 with you.


That means that homebuyers can expect, on average, to get
 $4,500 to $12,000 from New Home Gurus at closing.


The bottom line: when you’re in the market for a new home in Texas, talk to the agents at New Home Gurus to find out how much cash you can get back through our commission-sharing program.


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The trusted agents at New Home Gurus work with homebuyers across Texas, giving them the support and guidance to purchase their new home while providing the most benefits possible.


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